Words & Images – Screenwriting Research Conference 2012

The 5th annual Screenwriting Research Conference will take place in Sydney on September 14-16.

Keynote speakers include Adrian Martin (Monash University), Helen Grace (Hong Kong Baptist University), JJ Murphy (University of Wisconsin-Madison).
Quote: ‘The key theme of the 2012 conference is ‘Words & Images’. This speaks to the complex, intertwined, and ephemeral relationships between words and images that screenwriters negotiate. In the age of media convergence, screenwriting forms and practices intersect, in new and unpredictable ways, with other forms that unite words and images: the graphic novel, the comic, illustration, the graphic essay, visual arts and interactive media.’

The 2011 conference took place in Brussels and topics included dramaturgy, transmedia narration, scriptwriting for comics, adaption, animation, the future of screenwriting, collaboration, script editing, etc. You can read the abstracts here.

The conference is organised by the international Screenwriting Research Network which brings together scholars, writers and practice-based researchers interested in the histories, theories, values, and creative practices of screenwriting.

For more information and to register, go to the conference website.

See also Journal of Screenwriting for research papers and event reviews.



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