Storytelling Conference in Prague, May 2013

Call for Presentations

The 4th global conference Storytelling: global reflections on narrative held in Prague, Czech Republic on May 21-24 2013 calls for presentations.

‘Most of us have lots of experience of relating to other lives through narrative forms, including the nursery stories we encounter as children; the books we read and the movies we watch. When we are moved by a play or a film or by a novel, we are moved because we begin imaginatively to live the lives of the characters that inhabit them. If we are lucky we will encounter as we grow up, fictional stories that stay with us like old friends, throughout our lives that we will revisit again and again as a way coming to terms with and responding to experiences in our own lives.’

The conference will examine narrative forms and the use of stories in a wide range of disciplines.

The presentations may address any aspect of story or narrative, including, for example: story as a pedagogical tool in academic disciplines such as history; anthropology, psychology, theology, cultural theory, medicine, law, philosophy, education, and archaeology; narrative and the gathering of stories of lived experience; the role of story and storytelling in journalism; PR advertising, conflict resolution, architecture, religion, tourism, politics and the law, and in clinical contexts such as medicine, psychotherapy, nursing and counselling. Abstracts may feature storytelling in any aspect of culture, including music of any genre, fine art, theatre, literature, cinema and digital storytelling.

An abstract should be submitted by 30th November 2012, and the full draft by 15th February 2013.

For more information see the conference website.



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