Journal of Screenwriting: Call for Papers

Journal of Screenwriting
Volume 5 Number 1
‘Words & Images’


We invite researchers, educators and practitioners to contribute to Issue 5.1 of the Journal of Screenwriting, a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on this important aspect of moving image pre-production and conceptualization.

This special issue follows the ‘Words & Images’ 5th Screenwriting Research Conference held in Sydney, 14-16th September 2012, hosted by Macquarie University and The University of Technology Sydney. This Call for Papers invites contributions from researchers and screenwriters which discuss aspects of the history, theory and practice of the screenplay – in response to the conference theme ‘Words and Images’. Whilst this is a conference issue of the journal, articles on the theme are welcome from those who did not have the opportunity to attend in Sydney.

The Journal of Screenwriting is a new peer reviewed publication which explores the nature of writing for the screen image in the broadest sense; this includes not only writing for film and television but also computer games and animation. The journal encompasses all aspects of academic and professional thinking about the screenplay and intends to promote, stimulate and bring together current research and contemporary debates in this area. The journal is discursive, critical and rigorous whilst engaging with issues in a dynamic and developing field, linking academic theory to screenwriting practice.
The journal explores a wide and diverse range of methodological approaches which includes study of the history of the screenplay, textual analysis, the relationship of screenwriting to the production process and screenwriting practice as research.

Articles should be between 4000 and 7000 words in length.

Articles, to include a 200-word abstract, should be sent by Friday 30th November 2012 to the Editor of this issue Alex Munt ( Please contact Alex regarding any queries about suitability of subject or other requirements.

Journal of Screenwriting by Intellect Ltd.



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