London Screenwriters’ Festival 2012: Blog & Storify Link Collection

A collection of links to delegates’ reports and notes from London Screenwriters’ Festival 2012.

See also Highlights – best tweets on writing collected from #londonswf feed during the weekend.

Blog posts:

From Judith Cooper (@writerjuggler)

London Screenwriters’ Festival Day 1

London Screenwriters’ Festival Day 2

London Screenwriters’ Festival Day 3

the current film and television commissioning system is a dead man walking. the business model is flawed and feature film studios are going to be bought out by tech companies

* * *

From Leilani Holmes (@momentsoffilm)

David Yates, In Conversation

Simon Beaufoy Q&A

Julie Gray – You ARE the Hero of the Journey

Richard Holmes – Feature Finance, Filming & Distribution

Dr. Raj Persaud – Mind of Madness

The Great British Pitchfest – You’re In The Room!

Gareth Unwin & Lisa Bryer ~ Why We’re Going to Hire You… Or Not?

“It’s clear from the producers that listening to the industry and understanding the business help you [writer] to be part of that industry and better to work with.”

Writing for TV with Christopher Walker, Jed Mercurio, Tony Marchant & Julian Friedmann

Building on British Strengths: Should You Write A Period Drama?

“While behaviour is linked to the times, propriety for instance being linked to social control, the relevance of story means that there is no reason to make a film that isn’t socially relevant now.”

The Truth: Writer & Producer Frank Spotnitz

Writing and Producing Mad Men: In Conversation With Lisa Albert

* * *

From Michelle Goode (@Sofluid)

Kate Leys: Is your script the best that it could be?

Julie Gray – You ARE the hero of the journey

The Producer’s Den (great tips on selling your script here)

“If there are class divides, it can sometimes be hard to make the show emotionally relatable. For example, how do you make an average-earning TV audience member *care* about the emotional impact of the financial losses of a rich person?”

Julie Gray – Character & Structure: Twins Separated at Birth

“So what drives the characters? There’ll be a general want (i.e. love), a specific attainable want (i.e. to get revenge), an inner need (i.e. self-forgiveness) and a flaw (i.e. greed).”

How to get Hollywood to pay attention (and money!)

* * *

From Steve Ince (@Steve_Ince)

London Screenwriters’ Festival

* * *

From Craig Malpass (@CraigMalpass)

The London Screenwriters Festival 2012 – A life changing weekend

* * *

From HJ Hampson (@usesofliteracy)

London Screenwriters Festival

“The possibilities in radio drama are almost endless. Radio scripts are cheap to make: you could write a forty five minute drama set amidst the Battle of Trafalgar if the right sound effects can be found.”

* * *

From Lewis Swift (@LewSwift)

LondonSWF2012 – Day 1: Selling out and Selling Yourself

* * *

From Tom Kerevan (@TomKerevan)

LSWF Special: The Pitch Factor!

“I started writing the pitch 2 weeks in advance and just like writing a script, there was a first draft that was rubbish. I got feedback and rewrote and rewrote and rewrote… until eventually I had the shortest, tightest script possible.”

* * *

From @vexentrix

London Screenwriters’ Festival 2012 – Julie Gray

* * *

From @DomCarver

LSWF 2012 – The Report

“If you are planning on going next year then seriously think about the script labs. They are a great way to learn about a specific area of our industry and it’s a more personal session too. I would highly recommend them.”

* * *

From @evermorefilms

Cue the Sun!

* * *


From @teenierussell

Kate Leys – Produced Or Rejected : Is Your Script The Best That It Could Be?

Pilar Alessandra – Dynamic Dialogue

Luke Ryan- The Future Of Storytelling : Moving From ‘Writer’ to ‘Creator’

Linda Aronson – The Non-linear Minefield

Max Your Script’s Produceability Without Losing The Plot

“What’s the primary emotion you’re trying to elicit from your audience? Use that to think of genre.”

Chris Jones and Jonathan Newman – Manifesting Success

Mary Kate O’Flanagan – Dramatic Tension

“Give the audience a private moment with character where they take in what they’ve just done or gone through.”

Julie Gray – Character and Structure: Twins Separated at Birth



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