Monday Starters #8

A collection of links, fun and serious, on film and culture, to start the week.


Approaching Woody Allen’s Zelig Through the Lens of Cultural Theory

“In Zelig, Woody Allen deciphers a period of time in history, in which he establishes a fictional character named Leonard Zelig. Throughout the production, Allen derives benefit from technologies of film industry; by cutting and editing the raw film footage, and reconstructing a historical environment, not only he presents audience an alternative reality in which Zelig is present, but also by consulting with leading academicians like Susan Sontag, Saul Bellow and Irving Howe, he convinces audience on the issue of persuasiveness that such a character may really have existed at that period. In this respect, Zelig is an avant-garde film also which contains elements of satire that enables audience to stay critical to social establishments of American society during 20’s and 30’s in this fictional-cinematic environment.”


7 ways to reinvigorate your writing by Adam Croft

“In your next writing project, make an effort to write a type of relationship you’ve never written before, whether it’s between friends or family or strangers. The different dynamics will give you something new to explore that will hopefully hold your interest – and the readers’.”



“Beautiful Relics will be a fiction short film (approx 15mins).

On a day out together in London, 20 year old Anya digs up the mysteries, loves and secrets of her Grandmother’s own youth, and discovers they are inseparably tied to the city’s own troublesome past.”


British Library Online Gallery

The online gallery has virtual books you can leaf through, online exhibitions, and you can create your own gallery (ideal for story research!)

British Library Online


Liverpool Biennal The Unexpected Guest, open until Nov 25, 2012

“Hospitality is the welcome we extend to strangers, an attitude and a code of conduct fundamental to civilisation, as well as a metaphor whose conditions and energy inspires artists. In a globalising world, increasing mobility and interdependence are changing the rules of hospitality. There are different ‘cultures of hospitality’ often increasingly co-existent in the same place.”


10 Tips for Generating Killer Science Fiction Story Ideas

“The hard part is finding an idea that sticks in your head and starts to grow weird angles and curves. In a sense, it’s not about finding a good idea — so much as finding a good idea for you, personally.”


Good Show Sir – Only the worst Sci-fi/Fantasy book covers

“A naked man wrestles a lion man – who is wearing a speedo I should point out – on top of a mound of fire. Yes, I did just say that out loud.”


The New Yorker Fiction Podcast – a monthly reading and conversation about short stories.


15 Awesome Time Management Tools and Apps from Dumb Little Man


Forget it, Bob, It’s Chinatown

Screenwriter Robert Towne talks about Chinatown

“It was also that the writing of it was just tough: writing scenario, after scenario, after scenario was just so complicated that after a certain point, I thought I’d never get through it.” Robert Towne



In her own words: Interestingness hunter-gatherer obsessed with combinatorial creativity.


Henri Cartier–Bresson: His Influence on Five Photographers

Five photographers talk about the influence Cartier-Bresson’s works have had on them.

“Every time that I imagine an image, a long time before I go anywhere near a camera, I know that there will be a moment on the shoot when the expressions and body language of the people I’m photographing will perfectly sum up what I’m trying to say… the emotion and essence of what I was imagining. All I hope is that I can recognise that moment and capture it.”
Julia Fullerton-Batten

Henry Cartier-Bresson


Mark Ruffalo describes how he as an actor searches for the bigger idea when he performs.

“Out of fear, I broke through myself…”


Kickstarter – the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.


Nanowrimo: Strategies to Make Sure You Actually Finish That Novel

“It’s National Novel-Writing Month, which means you’re starting a novel from scratch. And there’s always one question that hangs over your head as you rush into the void — will you actually be able to finish this one? As hard as starting a novel is, finding your way to a proper ending is often harder still. But what if you knew you were going to complete your epic journey to novel-hood?

You can. Because you’re going to use these 12 sure-fire strategies for making yourself finish the book.”


The soul never thinks without a picture.


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  1. I enjoyed the video. Lots of good stuff here…I’ll be back to read more.


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